This is an example of What is known as an OPORDER.

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David Hopper

MS 3000- 1100-1215

CPT Frichle


Mission Analysis

(1)Constraints and Limitations: - No ammo resupply

-Mission to be completed NLT 072200Nov 02

(2) Squad Specific Tasks: - Destroy enemy

-2nd in OOM

-Establish indirect targets

(2)SQD Implied Tasks: - Plan route

-EPW and Search

-Aid and litter

(3)SQD Mission Statement: The mission of squad 1-1 is to destroy the enemy on OBJ LION Vic grid GP71462228 NLT 072200 Nov 02 in order to prevent resupply operations within our AO.

Warning Order

I. Situation

A.Enemy Forces: 1/75 PNRN light infantry has overrun Dahlonega and are heading toward Dawsonville along HWY 9. They are moving in 2-3 man teams armed with light automatic weapons and are wearing woodland BDU's. They are at 75% strength, highly motivated, and will fight to the death. They are capable of conducting combat patrols and can support each other within 20 minutes of attack.

B.Friendly Forces:

1.Mission: 1st squad 1st platoon Whiskey Company, 1-508th Inf will conduct an area ambush NLT 072200 Nov 02 to prevent courier/resupply operations in zone.

2.Intent: To halt courier and resupply operations in zone to further break the enemy's will to fight.

II. Mission

1st SQD 1st PLT will conduct an area ambush to destroy enemy on OBJ's LION, TIGER and COUGER NLT 072200 Nov 02 in order to prevent courier operations within our AO.

III. Execution

A.Concept of the Operation: The purpose of this operation is to keep the enemy from resupplying their own positions.

1.Maneuver: We will cross the LD NLT 071500 Nov 02. We are the main effort, and will be moving along route WHITE to establish a point ambush on OBJ LION vic grid GP71462228 NLT 072200 Nov 02 to destroy enemy combat patrols.

2. Tasks to Maneuver Units: 1st SQD destroys...