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Disaster Recovery Plan

Decision Making Manager

It is important to establish a decision-making manager before we start the disaster recovery plan. This person will be in charge of the disaster recovery operation. For SIHE the person in charge of this will be the security manager at the institute (Mr Hue Williams contact : 01792 455695). He will make sure that all the proceedings of the disaster plan will be carried when needed. Also another manager will also be indicated this person will be the security manager who is situated in Townhill campus. If for any reason the first security manager is unavailable this person will take his or her place. (Mr Greg Adams contact : 01792 477895 ext 665)

Staff Assignments and Responsibilities

·Backup- Staff should regularly back up their work and save it on disks as well as on the computer.

·Comply with security policy- All staff should be given a security policy and must comply with the corporate information security policy and no software other that is available to them should be used on the network.

·New Location - If needed all staff should be prepared to work in another location if a disaster occurs which unable them to work in their current location.

·Training - Staff should undergo training so that they can be prepared and be able to cope.

·Network manager - This person will ensure that the universities network is up and running if a problem occurs. He should be contacted when this happens. He should know all the procedures and backup plans when a problem occurs and where know where all extra equipment is kept if a problem were to occur. A second or a backup network manager should also be appointed in case the network manager is unavailable.

Contact Information


Hue Williams1st...