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It is my position that a firm's mission statement must clearly state their objectives and what principles their firm stands on. The following three mission statement are examples of poorly written, if not thinly disguised objectives which could only hurt their image and/or make it unnecessarily difficult to get support, VC (venture capitol) funds, etc.


Company # 1:

The recruiter describes this company as one, which is about to launch a new men's cologne called "Moment Of Spirit". This company's stated main mission is "to make profits". It is clear from this statement that the main purpose is to 'show me the money'!

I would re-word their mission statement to include their research into the perfume sciences. It would be beneficial to make others aware that their best people studied in England with some of the best perfume 'houses' including the Creed Company! It would also be good to explain how incredibly powerful the olfactory sense is in each of us, and how using different scents can create different moods.

After establishing their credibility in the market, then the company can 'tout' the benefits of any man wearing 'Moment Of Spirit" from now on. This will enhance a man's life experiences and become the hottest cologne since "Aqua Velva". Sales will go through the sky, and the profits can only follow.

This company is confident in its new product, has research to support its marketability and realizes that there is much profit to be made in the 'perfume' industry.

Company # 2:

This interviewer advised me that this company's intention was to "create customers". The company is an auto repair shop centrally located in a high-income area of a big city.

I would word their mission statement as follows: We are luxury car specialists who will fix...