Exchange Rate Mechanisms, and Hanes

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Global Business PlanThis global business plan for Hanes (HBI, Hanesbrands, Inc.) doing business in China will be a cumulative of previous segments containing a comprehensive analysis with country risks and strategic planning analysis. A description of the company and its product, and the needs assessment for the target country will be given. The comprehensive analysis includes information pertaining to the company's products affects in the country as well as the region. Topics of discussion to assist in the analysis will include regional alliances and economic integration, political stability, economic conditions, social, health, and environmental conditions.

Throughout this business plan for Hanes, a country risk analysis will be measured for the political, legal, and regulatory aspects of the venture. These risks analysis will assist in the management of certain risks. A selected mode of entry will be determined through control and evaluation, and a contingency plan will be devised.

Included will be the established rationale for selecting the target country. A marketing mix will be conducted and the appropriate one specific to Hanes products will be completed and discussed.

A marketing plan that addresses the products modification, pricing, promotional programs, distribution channels, and e-business that will include market indicators and trends in the country of China will be prepared. A financial overview for the global venture will be conducted to include a chart that represents the general budget. How Hanes will deal with foreign exchange risk for the global operation will also be included. Potential domestic and international sources of financing (at least two possible financial institutions within the region) for the global venture will be identified.

The degree to which the company will operate as a centralized verses decentralized organization will be described. A chain of command chart to illustrate how communications would reach senior management from the...