Executional Frameworks (Advertising the Eye 360 Robot Vacuum by Dyson)

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Advertising the Eye 360 Robot Vacuum by Dyson

Crystal Jackman

Strategies: Marketing/Advertising/Public Relations

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Janis McFaul



This report will explain Dyson Eye 360 and its unique selling proposition and how the machine accomplishes it. It will then describe different executional frameworks and will pick 5 to create ad ideas using the unique selling proposition that, the Eye 360 can out clean the competition. Choosing the right framework to fit the product, target audience and the media that will be used to get the message out will be key to increased sales.

Dyson's unique selling proposition

The Dyson 360 Eye has several features the competition doesn't have to make it out perform the competitions among them are, a top-mounted 360-degree camera at the top of the machine (room mapping). Infrared sensors located on the bottom of the machine (room mapping). iAdapt system of software and sensors to make its way around the room, focusing on areas where it senses more dirt.

Tank-treaded robot (climbing over objects and doorways). Lithium-ion battery for superior suction that beats the competition. Dyson's signature digital vacuum motors, 200-watt V2 digital motor with cyclone feature. (Dyson. N.d.) These features are the reason that the Eye 360 can clean better than the rest in just one pass.

How it performs

According to Johnson, (2014) as the Eye 360 starts cleaning it takes a picture of its base station. Then moves to what I perceive to be the center of the room taking pictures as it goes shooting 30 frames per second. Using the pictures it makes a real time map of the room, noticing where the obstacles in its way. It moves in a squared off spiral pattern only slightly overlapping where it already vacuumed. This saves battery power for its exceptional suction. After finishing...