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Executive Summary

Stakeholders associated with the project

Dr. Michael Riordan, President & CEO

Jane McCall, Executive Assistant

Kenneth Collins, SVP-R&D

Hugh McCauley, chief Operating Officer

Buyers Division

Automotive parts manufacturers

Aircraft manufacturers

The United States Department Of Defense

Beverage Makers and bottlers

Appliance manufacturers

As profits and capital are being lost not only in this company but in companies around the country are falling, we made the decision of reporting this executive summary in order to find a plan to lead this company in the right direction. We are proposing plans not only to help us in these tough times, but our insight will likely help our company grow and flourish for many years to come. In this day and age successful companies like this great corporation would benefit from reform rather that short term solutions, and that is what this summary will hopefully accomplish.

As what comes to all of our minds working in the business world, we always have the notion of decreasing the number of employees or downsizing.

This will allow us to decrease the number of employees keeping only the most qualified in their fields. Giving them a heavier workload will allow us to benefit by saving valuable capital and also have the worker working at maximum capacity. Most worker at huge corporations that are overstaffed only work at 50% capacity or less, so by downsizing we are gaining more money per capital dollar spent on labor.

Can there be a downfall to the act of downsizing? Using the full capacity of our employees should not be the issue because that is what we pay them for right? Our issue would be how much will the technology cost that we would need to purchase cost? In this case it would come as a big burden at...