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AcuScan is a company built on a focused strategy of a providing failsafe security to corporate and private networks. The company has revolutionized security with its primary product iScanner. It has been ten years since the original version of the iScanner and AcuScan is in need to open into new markets. The decision to reach into retail is the next most logical step. The new product line of the retail iScanner will propel AcuScan's opportunity for growth beyond the companies' current markets. The new product will be the companies' new cash cow.

The retail industry is an increasingly competitive business environment. The immense strain placed on individual businesses to retain customers and return a profit pressures them to come up with the next best sale pitch. When the economy performs well retail thrives. If business were able to ascertain the variables associated with the down trend of retail it would help them increase sales overall.

This possible result alone will make the demand for this product very high.

Now that we have established the necessity of this product lets illustrate AcuScan's ability to bring this to implementation. The company has some challenges ahead with the lack of buy in and communication from its current employees. The current image we are portraying to the employees of cost cutting to reduce the budget while driving the implementation of a new product is producing a negative response among the stakeholders. That with poor communication from the leadership team of the company has created a hostile environment. "AcuScan is looking to reduce cost of workforce, and departmental expenses, all the while creating a new product line that will bring increased profits." This vision needs to be changed if AcuScan is to improve morale and reach new markets.

After listening to the arguments of: Kelly,