Executive Summary: Kudler Fine Foods

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The duty has been assigned of preparing an executive summary for Kudler Fine Foods. This summary will encompass the following: description of the product or service that is being used at Kudler Fine Foods. A business decision was made to go with a food and wine basket for shipping as the best alternative for expanding the business. In addition, a definition of the target market which will be the actual customers Kudler's has had loyal to their organization. Lastly, the impact of customer relationship management (CRM) on both the above mentioned will be described.

Kudler Fine Foods target audience is comprised of external publics who enjoy the taste of gourmet and specialized foods. Kudler understands that gourmet and specialized foods are more expensive and harder to obtain. Kudler Fine Foods will emphasize accessibility of products and affordability to the external public. Kudler will not only be selling their products but also their services by trying to show the public that they are involved in the community and want to be known as the local supplier of specialized foods.

Kudler Fine Foods objectives are clearly stated as Increase Loyalty and Profitability of Consumers through Expanding Services and Increased Efficiency by informing the consumers of whom Kudler Fine Foods is and what they offer. Kudler Fine Foods will be hosting local events like guest chefs and customer appreciation to generate increased local profitability. Kudler Fine Foods will also be utilizing local newspaper, television and newspaper.

Effective Segmentation involves more than just manipulating data; it involves management judgment and creativity. Focusing on the needs and interest of various kinds of customers is a customer oriented process. If Kudler's Find Food Company tailors their market offerings to particular segments, Kudler's Find Foods can better satisfy its customer's needs and use marketing resources more efficiently.