Executive Summary for Landry's and Southwest Airlines

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Executive Summary - Landry's and Southwest Airlines

Landry's Seafood Restaurant started in 1980 with the original Landry's Seafood Restaurant located in Katy, Texas. Landry's restaurant started off as a small family owned eatery where it quickly became a favorite for the locals and eventually became a successful business venture. The company operates over 300 restaurants in 35 states and employs more than 23,000 people. The company was featured as one of the leading restaurant companies of the 2000's by Restaurants and Institutions, Seafood Leader and Restaurant Hospitality (www.landrysrestaruants.com, 2010). Tilman J. Fertitta, Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Landry's continue to promote dedication to high quality and customer services. This is what helps launch Landry's Restaurants, Inc. as one of America's largest casual dining and entertainment companies.

Southwest Airlines Corporation was incorporated in Texas in 1971 with only three Boeing 737 aircraft and gradually expanded to 417 Boeing 737 jets that drive the company success.

Gary C. Kelly is the current Chairman of the Board, President and CEO of this business that has always been dedicated to its quality customer service that continues to be delivered with a sense of warmth, friendliness, individual pride, and company spirit (www.southwest.com, 2010). Southwest provides services to 60 airports in 31 states throughout the United States competing with airlines such as United, American, Delta and JetBlue. Southwest Airlines prides themselves as the nation's low-fare and high customer satisfaction airline. In 2005, Southwest Airlines was recognized as the most admired airline in the world for the ninth year in a row. They were also recognized for their customer satisfaction, best bonus promotions, and best award redemption. Southwest was also the first airline to introduce profit sharing to their employees.

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