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Differences Between High School & College

High school and college is two totally different things. Being a sophomore in college, I've noticed a lot of freshmen think since they eased their way through high school, they can do the same with college. I would have never thought college would be this stressful. Some of the differences between high school and college are the cost in which you pay to receive an education, colleges have the choice to kick you out for bad grades, and college is more complex than high school.

Four year colleges are not cheap. Attending a college can and will put you in debt. Unless you went to a private high school, which you paid for out of pocket, high school came free. For example, attending Norfolk State University, tuition may cost approximately $7,495 for in state students and out of state tuition cost approximately $14,245.

Abided by the law, high school is mandatory until you have reached the age where you can drop out. College is voluntary and expensive. Most people don't go to college because of they are not financially stable enough to pay of it. College is a choice, in which you may have to consider deeply.

Many freshmen thought college wouldn't be as hard as they expected. A lot of students slide through high school and think they can do the same with college. Making bad grades in college will eventually put you academic probation for a semester. You may graduate only if your average in classes meets the departmental standard--typically a 2.0 or C. If you fail to bring your grades up, the college will have the choice to kick you out of school. In high school, You may graduate as long as you have passed all required courses with...