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Road Rage

Road rage can be defined as violent behavior exhibited by drivers in traffic. Most people consider road rage a dangerous habit to practice. It is believed that many people resolve to road rage because of a manifestation of stress. A core belief of mine is that everyone is guilty of some sort of road rage, whether tailgating someone or driving too aggressively due to someone else's mistake or temper. Unfortunately, many drivers today have dangerous habits.

The first time I had been exposed to road rage, was when I was ten years old. My mother and I were driving down a heavily congested interstate in a large sport utility vehicle. This vehicle had many blind spots that the driver could not help. We were traveling sixty-five miles per hour when we approached an entrance ramp to our right, and we could not merge into the left lane because another car was traveling alongside of us.

We had no idea that coming down the entrance ramp was a tiny sports car, which was perfectly hidden in one of the blind spots. Because we did not see this car, the sports car had to slow down a great deal to merge in behind us. This car then proceeded to tailgate us. Finally, when the driver of this tiny car decided to pass us, he merged into the left lane and passed. To our surprise, the sports car then jerked into the right lane, which was the lane we were traveling in, and slammed on the brakes. Luckily, the sport utility vehicle in which we were riding in had exceptional brakes and saved us from slamming into this enraged driver. I guess the driver of the sports car decided he had made his point and proceeded down the interstate. This was...