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Lady Justice, the symbol of our judicial system, holds a sword in one hand and a scale in the other. Across her face she wears a cloth over her eyes. With this she tells everyone that justice is blind to race, religion, sex, or other characteristics related to the worth of the individual. When it comes to taking legal action against somebody, in order to obtain something, also known as suing, Lady Justice is not so respected. The judicial system has let the right to sue got out of hand. There are situations, restrictions, and aftermaths that are not being thought through when giving ability to seek compensation.

Courts have not placed limits on who has the right to sue. There have been cases where that accuser was in the wrong. A perfect example is a New York case where the defendant was ordered to pay the medical bills of the accuser that had fallen though the defendant's roof.

The courts determine that the defendant knew that the roof was weak and should of had it repaired. The defendant was being sued by a man that originally came to rob the defendant's home. While trying to pry open a window, the robber stepped on the weak spot and fell though. In the fall, the robber sprained his ankle. This case should have never seen the inside of a courtroom. In this situation the accuser was committing an illegal act and this wasn't taken in to consideration because the thief did not steal anything due to the injury. Even though, probable cause may have existed.

You have seen the commercials before, "Wrongful death, your children born with a mental defect, call my law office and will get you the money you deserve." Nine out ten medical lawsuits the condition was...