Exhibition Critique

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Exhibition Critique

Zachary C. Preston


ART 200

G. Sweely

The Art Institute of Chicago is one of the most highly renowned museums that have ever been established. This museum features a virtual exhibit opened to the public, via an online gallery comprised of numerous exhibitions. The three artworks displayed in Figure 1, Figure 2, and Figure 3 came from this online gallery located at http://www.artic.edu/aic/. With these three artworks, I will give my critique on each.

Figure 1, which is found at The Art Institute of Chicago located in Gallery 225, is a painting created in 1927 by Édouard Manet titled Steamboat Leaving Boulogne. Steamboat Leaving Boulogne depicts numerous sailboats along with one steamboat drifting off to sea. The style Manet used to paint the ocean indicates to the viewer of motion and vastness. Motion pertaining to the flow of the ocean displayed by the style of the brush strokes, along with the movement of the water indicated from the trail behind the steamboat.

The artist uses a combination of cool colors in the painting; the sky is a light blue mix in with white to represent light clouds floating in the sky, while the ocean is a deeper blue which provides contrast. The steamboat is the main emphasis of this painting; it has great plumes of smoke rising from the top which most likely portrays power in contrast to the other boats which appear to be almost stationary.

Figure 2, which is found at The Art Institute of Chicago located in Gallery 249, is a painting created in 1965 by Georgia O'Keeffe titled as Sky above Clouds IV. Sky above Clouds IV is a painting in almost all cool colors. The contrast portrayed is displayed from the very top via a very tinted blue, which represents...