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Is there really a God? I have always been curious as to where religion originated from and why people believe so strongly in a religion figure when usually people have never seen the religious figure in their life? As a child, I was forced to pray to a statue, yet never really understood why it was necessary or why is that statue so important. Everyone, depending on where they are from, have different beliefs. Some may believe in God, while others may believe in more than one God or no God whatsoever. The name God itself is still unclear, I do not know who invented the word God or why chose that name. I have a religion, but I am not a very religious person, that is why I am curious about where religion originated from.

The only information I know about religion is what I read in a bible.

I read about God sending his son Jesus Christ to tell people what God is like and the afterlife that we might live. According to the bible, God created the Earth, the sun, and the stars. Two people that God created from dust were Adam and Eve. God told them not to eat the tree of knowledge, but a serpent came along and convinced Eve to eat it. The serpent told her that God does not want her to eat it because God fears if she eats it she will have as much knowledge as God about good and evil. Eve ate the apple and told Adam to eat it. God punished Adam and Eve by sending them to another place where they will have to grow food plants and make shelter by themselves. This is pretty much what I know about religion or the bible.

According to the article that I had read, the timeline of the religious stories does not match with the timeline of the scientifically views of the evolution of human beings. According to the bible if humans were created so quickly after the earth were created, then that means the evolution of dinosaurs had to be false, if it was based on the bible. The scientific viewpoints shows that humans were not yet created in one week after the earth had been created. The first living creatures had to have been amebas and bacteria or any other microscopic living organisms. Humans were not during that period of time.

In a way I do agree with the article. In the bible it says God created Earth and water first, then created light and night. Eventually made the sky and clouds and called it Heaven. Soon after that God created grasses, flowers and trees. God would then create the sun, moon and stars on the fourth day. The sea creatures, birds and land animals and humans were then made in the end. According to the bible, these were all made in one week. If read closely, it says light was created before the sun. Scientifically, it is utterly impossible to make light before the sun, the sun itself is the source of light on earth. Without the sun, it would be pure darkness on earth. The evolution theory of the bible and the scientific evolution theory are different. The scientific evolution theory states that humans were not made in one week but rather thousands and thousands of years after earth were made. The specific time period humans were created is uncertain but it was certainty not possible to have it created in one week after the creation of earth. This does not help me as to where religion came from.

The existence of God is still a question we all ponder in our head. There is no one alive today that can tell us that God exist and they have seen God itself. On the other hand if we were to hear a person tell us that the existence of God is a fact, then who to say that we will believe that person? The article itself basically says that everything has a beginning; therefore Earth itself has to be created by what most of us believed to be by God, while other believes the scientific views of how Earth is created. Before the sun there was another star that blew up due to the fact that everything dies out when it reaches a certain age. When the star blows up, the dust and gas would then formulate in to another sun. The Big Bang theory basically states how the sun was created and while the sun was created so were nine planets. Unfortunately the existence of God is still not clear. Therefore the origin of religion is still vague. We do not know where religion came from or why do people believe in their religion. It has to do with whether or not they believe that their religious figure is real.

The article is still not sure if God really exist, nobody is truly sure if God really exist. I do believe everything has a beginning, but scientifically, we emerged from an ape-like figure and before us were dinosaurs. The oldest human-like form we were ever accommodated to were people from the Stone Age. To my knowledge they were born millions of years after the earth was created. In the bible it says we were created somewhere around a week. There is no possible way that we were created in a week after earth was created; because dinosaurs were not even alive one week after earth was created. The article is leaning towards the fact that God doesn't exist. This does not help me in knowing if God exist.

The article is speaking in philosophical terms. They used a bacterium as an example. Since humans are made up of millions of molecules and tiny microscopic organisms, we must be the tiny organisms that make up God. Everything around us is supposedly God's creation. In the article, it says we are surrounded by "God's fingerprints". The term, "God has touched each and every one of our lives" is an example of God's existence, his fingerprints, metaphorically speaking, is not only surrounding us, but is inside each and every one of us. It shows that if one part of a certain genetic gene or molecule or anything taken out of us, we would be different or would not be able to function the same way as we would when it was together.

I do not think this is an article that can help me know if God exist. Each and every person has their own opinions of whether God exist or not. One person's philosophical thoughts of the existence of God are different from other people. Some may believe in God so strongly for certain reasons and others may not for their own reasons as well. There is no real fact as to whether or not the existence of God is factual or not.

I am still curious whether or not God truly exist, but unfortunately the articles did not help me whatsoever. I do not think anyone right now have proof of God's existence but by believing in one does make a difference in my life. I have something to work for...