The existance of God

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In this essay i discuss why there is proof that there is a supernatral being known as God that created everything we know around us

The quandary of the existence of God has troubled mankind for thousands of years. The existence of God was once never denied, as His presence, His existence was evident in miracles and the people's faith. But time and the advancement of modern science have called God and His very nature into question. The Perfect Being has become the source of much doubt and controversy. What was once certain and surely unquestionable has become the most questioned. The faithful, believing people have become unsure. Often called the father of modern philosophy - the father of modern thought, Rene Descartes chose to take up the proof of the existence of God in his Meditations on First Philosophy. Descartes proves the existence of God using an ontological argument, one aimed at understanding the existence, the essence, the being of God.

Saint Anselm of Canterbury also makes the existence of God evident using the ontological proof. Following the natural flow of both arguments, Descartes' philosophical theory on the existence of God is clearly connected to and based upon Anselm's theory. At times, it is difficult to tell where one ends and the other begins. Descartes makes the same logical constructions, albeit in a different order, to arrive at Anselm's argument the God exists.

Saint Anselm approaches the existence of God using the mind and thought. He supposes that God is "something-than-which-nothing-greater-can-be-thought." This "something" is the highest possible object of thought; nothing is greater or more perfect. Anselm then quickly moves to the possibility that this something may or may not exist. He quotes Psalm 13:1, "the Fool has said in his heart, 'There is no God.'" But Anselm does...