The Existence of Evil

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Eaton O'Neill

Bible Pd. 4


The Existence of Evil

Karl Rahner once said, "The problem of evil is a problem which no human can ignore; it is universal, universally oppressive, and {a problem which} touches our existence at its very roots." Examples of evil occur across the globe from petty theft to murder. In fact, by the time anyone finishes reading a 200-page book, "ten thousand children will starve, four thousand will be brutally beaten by their parents, and one thousand will be raped." Even from the beginning of time, back to Adam and Eve, there was evil. The entire scene in which Adam and Eve were tricked into eating the forbidden fruit by the serpent was probably the first act of evil on the serpent's part.

Bad things just don't happen. Criminals commit crime knowing the consequences of their actions. Nobody else decides for them. They knowingly decide to break the law.

However, many feel that God causes other things that are not controllable. God may control all natural disasters. Before continuing, there are other articles that one must understand. There are two different kinds of evil. There is moral evil and there is physical evil. "'Moral evil' can be defined as 'sin' or, more simply perhaps, as the evil caused by human beings: the greed conceit, cruelty, rage, contempt, and countless other means by which we so relentlessly torment ourselves and our fellow human beings." "Just as devastating and most certainly as disturbing is the 'physical' (or 'natural') evil we creatures must endure: the birth defects, the seemingly infinite assortment of diseases which afflict us, the squalor and malnutrition, and the devastation caused by apparently arbitrary forces of nature, the misnames 'acts of God,' which wreak such terrible havoc: the droughts and famines, hurricanes and tornadoes, the...