The existence of God (or lack thereof)

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There is no god. There is merely an ignorant explanation of what we do yet not know. The human being's naturally inquisitive nature forces us to make explanations for what we do not know. This inquisitive nature forces people to want an answer to everything and when they cannot explain it logically they must find a way they can explain it, thus the development of a supernatural being. People now have a category for phenomena that they cannot explain, they call it "god". Believing in a god is one's own inability to accept the fact that there are things that people cannot explain, and one's lack of foresight on seeing that one day we will be able to explain these unknown things through science.

Science will eventually kill god. Just as it killed beliefs that the world was flat and at the center of the universe. The fact that we cannot explain definitively through scientific thought how the universe was created does not mean that we will never be able to explain this.

To think that we will never be able to explain happenings such as the creation of the universe shows a incredible amount of both unjustified doubt and ignorance. I over heard one women saying that she didn't think that there should even be scientist working on how the universe was created, they should jus accept the fact that God created it. This is a perfect example of the ignorance, and the fallacy of the logic that organized religion can spread. Religion encourages a sheep mentality that humans are stupid and we need some "greater being" to guide us. Psalm 23 states this outright saying "the Lord is my shepherd". people have the ability to think and reason for them selves, they should use this ability, not squander...