Existential Therapy

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Existential Therapy


Existential Therapy


Existential therapy is a strong approach which embraces human potential, while remaining a realistic approach through its recognition of human limitation. Falling in the tradition of depth existential is common with humanistic, psychodynamic, experiential, and relational approaches to therapy. This therapy is fundamentally different from every kind of therapy. According to Ernesto, (2007) this therapy is for existence whereas psychologists recognize the practice of existential therapy as variety of psychotherapy. It also addresses life problems perspective and therefore acts as variety of psychotherapy.


After having the detailed knowledge about the existential therapy it could be recognized that the Ruth has some problem which belong to her personality and her earlier life, in which environment she has grown up, as she describe herself she was the oldest of four children and her father was a fundamentalist minister and her mother was a simple housewife.

According to Emmy, (2005) Ruth remembers her mother as being critical, and she thought that she could never do enough to please her. While her mother was supportive and the family demonstrated little affection in many ways Ruth took on the role of caring for her younger siblings, largely in the hope of winning the approval of her parents. It could be said that Ruth has some personality disorder and need to be council through the experienced psychiatrics.

As far as existential therapy is concerned it deals with Psychological health, from an existential view, is characterized by an ability to navigate the complexities of own life of the Ruth, the world, and Ruth relationships with the world. Commotion, on the other hand, is taken as the outcome of avoiding life's truths and of working under the shadow of other expectations of the people and values.