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Prejudice is hatred based on faulty stereotypes. Being prejudiced is having a negative attitude towards other people because they belong to a different race, religion, gender, or any personal category. People can be threatened by a person or group having diverse qualities then themselves. Prejudice is a premature judgement based on physical characteristics like skin color or it can be based on a person's ethnic background like family customs or traditions and on their beliefs. The Webster's Dictionary described Prejudice as " Judgment or bias that is decided beforehand , harm likely to be done to a person or his rights as a result of another person's words or actions". Many agree with the fact that prejudice comes people who blame their frustrations and let out their anger on others. An example of this would be how Hitler blamed the loss of World War I on the Jews simply because he knew they would be an easy target for hatred.

So many Jewish people were killed just because Hitler couldn't take the blame so he used them as scapegoats in order to take him out of the spotlight. Gordon Allport was a famous Harvard psychologist said " Prejudice is an antipathy based on inflexible generalization.

It may felt or expressed. It may be directed toward a group or individual of the group".

Later Allport mentioned that prejudice " is purely arbitrary , and usually occurs prior to actual contact with the object of the intolerance. It's the same as passing judgment on someone before you even meet them". This caught my attention because it recently happen at Magic Mountain . Two Hispanic males were not allowed to enter the amusement park because they were said to be " gang members " which is a common stereotype for males of their age.