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"Alcoa is the world's leading producer and manager of primary aluminum, fabricated aluminum and alumina facilities, and is active in all major aspects of the industry." (Alcoa, Inc., 2007). Alcoa serves a number of markets, has over 120,000 employees, and operates in 350 locations in 43 countries. (Alcoa, Inc., 2007).

Alcoa, in 2000, developed a "2020 Framework for Sustainability" (Alcoa, Inc., 2007) which includes their global arena. This Framework looks at three key pillars ("…financial success, environmental excellence, and social responsibility…" (Alcoa, Inc., 2007)); and has six components or focus areas. (Alcoa, Inc., 2007)In April 2006, Alcoa expanded their China presence to include a "…joint venture with Shanxi Yuncheng Engraving Group of China… in Kunshan City, China." (Business Wire, 2006) Alcoa holds the managing interest in the joint venture at 70%. In a joint venture, these companies will "…share investment costs, risks, management, and profits…" (Bovée/Thill/Mescon, 2007)Alcoa has had a positive experience expanding their business into China.

They entered their first joint venture in 1993 through a technology relationship and have since expanded to fourteen locations with almost 3,000 employees. They have plants, which have been recognized by local governments for, their policies and practices focused on the environment, health and safety standards and processes. Alcoa has continued to ensure their values; principles and human rights position are maintained while "…acknowledging the country's unique regulatory environmental and social-economic circumstances." Alcoa expects double-digit growth and supply and demand that is more balanced in their industry in China. Alcoa understood the technological advancements, manufacturing capacity, and quality foreign investment they would bring to the Chinese aluminum industry with products China could not make. (Alcoa, Inc., 2006)Some of the challenges Alcoa has had to overcome include tighter industrial policies in...