The Expansion of Microsoft

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Microsoft continues to produce a high quality product with new innovations and advancements even without the constant fear of a major competitor for its Windows operating system, but Microsoft seems to base much of their technology on gaining new market share in other areas. Windows XP is another improvement in the series of installments that make up the Windows family of operating systems for computers. Some technological advancements actually have a strategic effect by limiting the number of competitors for Microsoft's other products or by eliminating the need for extra companion products. Microsoft's new technology often excludes or impedes the involvement of other software manufacturers and lays the groundwork for future expansion by Microsoft. Microsoft Windows is a good platform that, like anything else, could be better, but it continues to promote and expand the 90% market share that Microsoft already enjoys.

The Windows XP operating system showcases a variety of technological advances that are designed to integrate vital system functions and to increase the functionality of Windows XP for the end user.

Windows XP is designed to function more smoothly with integrated programs and services like Microsoft Internet Explorer, Microsoft Windows Messenger, Microsoft Media Player and the Microsoft Passport. The seamless operation of integrated programs makes Windows XP seem almost intuitive in the hands of most users. The Windows XP program will automatically open recognized file types and will always try to associate known file extensions with Microsoft programs. What does all this mean for the end user? It means that the layperson has a program in Windows XP that will automatically 'know' what to do with many files and may simply ask you for a confirmation, or in many cases, just perform an action 'for you'.

Windows XP has included many integrated features that are supposedly...