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I have always been taught that life has consequences, and if I did not think before my actions the outcome would be unpredictable. When I was younger, listening to what my parents had to say was a struggle for me; I wanted to do what I wanted to do and be a typical rambunctious boy. Oscar Wilde once stated, "Experience is the name everyone gives to their mistakes." When I was five years old, I was jumping around like a hooligan on a rocking chair in the living room, resulting in me breaking my arm minutes later.

Acting like a hooligan is what every five year old acts like at home. Parents cannot predict what happens next to a child if they do not listen. My mom was washing dishes in the kitchen, and she had been telling me not to jump on the rocking chair. I really did not listen, what she had to say went in one ear and right back out the other.

My dad was on the couch watching television, but I guess he understood boys would be boys. The thought of me getting hurt never clicked in my mind.

As a five year old I did not care about listening to what I was told to do. Then, my experience came when my stubborn self ran, put my arm down on the rocking chair and the chair threw me into the floor. At first, I did not know what to think or do. My arm felt horrible and consisted of a sharp, grasping pain. It was not how my arm should have felt like. I looked around with a concerned look only face, only then did I realize what just happened; I busted into tears, and screaming like a little baby.

My mother...