Experience: driving to college

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E xperience: driving to college

Have you ever had your parents tell you that you shouldn't be somewhere or that you shouldn't do something that seemed to be perfectly ok? Well it is always worse when you do it and something goes incredibly wrong. There is always something that parents know about what their kids want to do that the kids didn't. Whether it is that they shouldn't go to a party with alcohol because nine times out of ten they're going to drink, or that kids shouldn't skip school whether you're old enough or not. Yet it always seems there is nothing that anyone can do to sway how you feel. Sometimes the only way to learn that you shouldn't have gone is to go and get caught or worse.

My senior year in high school I had a weekend job working security for the University of Georgia football games.

Every weekend I had to meet up with a group of people that all rode to Athens together to save on gas. There was always a sense of adventure riding across the state in a group, although I had never had the chance to drive myself. So after a couple of months working I saved up enough to buy an SUV that my uncle was selling. I really need it to get back and forth to school because I lived a great distance from my school, and I was depending on my friends to get back and forth.

Well, I still depended on my friends to get back and forth to Athens every weekend, mostly because it was convenient, but also because I wasn't used to driving long distances. Then the day came where my friend fell through. He had recently blown a...