The experience of filmmaking

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The experience of filmmaking

It is generally accepted that films are the products of the director's effort to unify the various components of film into something that bears his signature. There are many more people involved during the production phase of manufacturing a motion picture than just the director. An audience doesn't see the people and procedures such as film stock, scripts, locations, and the crew needed to make a film.

The director of photography has one of the most important positions in the filming hierarchy (Bonifer 13). He is the individual who creates the appropriate mood, atmosphere, and visual style of each shot. The director of photography is involved with the project well before the start of production, he is usually consulted by the producer and director about the variety of technical details, including the choice of film stock and laboratory.

Film stock is the choice of color or black and white film.

Using color involves having problems of economical, technical, and aesthetic nature (Sherman 7). Color film is nearly two times as expensive as black and white and so is the cost of development and printing. Color photography of exteriors is prone to variations in the intensity and tone of natural light during different hours of the day, and also periods of sunshine and cloudiness. This limits the number of days or hours of the day, that consistent color photography can be obtained. Even the slightest variation in color might present a problem of "matching" when two or more shots taken at different times are spliced in editing (Sherman 9). Dispite some of the problems encoutered using color film, it is still preferred over black and white because color gives the film authenticity and depth.

The shooting of the film can take place on location or ina sound...