Experiencing the Arts

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Experiencing the Arts

Tina Hudaifa


Professor Christopher Fazzi

October 20, 2014


The arts encompasses a broader spectrum of human life as it has been viewed as language in which people speak in the attempts to surpass across cultural, social, and educational barriers. It is through art that cultural appreciation and awareness can be enhanced as creativity tends to begin during childhood development. No two art pieces are alike or can be exactly duplicated and are how many artists are able to take pride in their work and embrace their own style because this is what makes them truly unique.

Definition of the Arts

According to Sporre (2013) "Art has always evidenced creativity, the act of bringing forth new forces and forms. Nonetheless, something happens in which humankind takes chaos, formlessness, vagueness, and the unknown and crystalizes them into form, design, inventions, and ideas" (p.

21). The arts can be pinned as the various branches of creative activity and figment of the imagination that is brought into the real world so that it can be used for functional purposes such as relaxation, bringing like-minded people together, and creating a vision for designing architecture buildings. It can also be used for destructive purposes such as vandalism, natural disasters, and even human movements such as terrorism. Art can be defined as a final product or result from placing an individual's thoughts and feelings into more concrete, coherent messages in the attempts to be interpreted by others. Art can be viewed as another form of expressing communication, as artists intend to formulate messages for their audiences or listeners by transmitting them through channels, which then becomes the physical form of art such as songs, paintings, poems, sculptures, etc. Some might say that they prefer a piece of...