Experiencing the Arts Bodystories Bodystories was a performance done by

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Experiencing the Arts Bodystories Bodystories was a performance done by the dance classes movement 1&2, dance technique and composition 1-4. The performance was a final assignment for the students in the class. Their assignment was to come up with and choreograph a solo dance that was influenced by the teachings from earlier in the semester. The higher level classes had a slightly harder assignment. Their final was to create movement solos with individually assigned limitations.

My first impression when I saw the first dance was surprised. This performance was a combination of mere beautiful movements and up beat dance moves occasionally. There were seventeen different performances by groups of dancers or solo dancers. Each performance was choreographed by the dancers that were in the group.

I met one of the dancers after the show and she was glowing with pride at her performance. She had a good time doing the performance I could tell.

I took her out and laughed together playing horseshoes. She told me that she was one of the first performance. I didn't make it to her performance because I was late for the beginning of the show. If I could have seen it I would have been pleased.

A performance at the very end of the show really impressed me. Christine Lewis was dancing and moving to my eyes delight. She had a slow movement to her at times and then when you weren't expecting it she would jump up and spin and then dance off to some other part of the floor. At times I thought she was looking directly at me to realize that she was only looking in my direction because she was dancing in that direction. There was no music to her performance. It was a nice display of story told using the body as a medium. The way she was dancing was interesting to me because I could tell she was putting the extra effort to interest us.

There were many performances with different themes to them. The dance "congratulations" had one person reading a book out loud while there were 3 other people dancing to the words. The book that they read was written by Dr. Suess. The dance performance was done in ripped clothing. It started out with girls talking loud then it transformed into a dance. "Identity" was the name of another dance. It was dark with red lights on the dance floor. There were two girls dancing in this one. There was this one dance called "exposed" that there was a girl dancing around a chair. she could dance on it and around it but wouldn't leave it.

I had a good time going to the performance. I met a really fun person there and was entertained by the mere movement of the human body.