An experiment to look at the effect of 1 factor on an enzyme

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To design and carry out an experiment to look at one factor which affects the enzyme catalase.

Catalase is involved in the breakdown of Hydrogen Peroxide into water and oxygen.

2H202 "_ 2H20 + 02

It can be found in most cells, however it is mostly concentrated in the liver, kidney and tuber cells of plants (e.g. potato).


I predict that as the temperature increases the oxygen produced will increase until a point (optimum temperature), then will decrease until no oxygen is produced ( due to denaturation )


All enzymes have optimum conditions, at which they work best. Therefore in my experiment there will be an optimum temperature i.e. the temperature where oxygen is given off most rapidly.

I stated that at a temperature no oxygen would be produced. This is because I believe the enzyme will denature due to the high temperature ( ie the tertiary structure will change ).

Due to the denaturation of the enzyme, no oxygen will be produced.

I also feel it is important to note that the H2O2 is an unstable compound and at high temperatures (100"aC) it will decompose by itself.


For my experiment I will need the following apparatus:

"h Conical flask with side on delivery outlet

"h Tight fitting bung for the conical flask

"h Delivery tube

"h Gas-syringe

"h Water bath

"h Retort stand

"h Boss and clamp

I will set the apparatus up in the following way ¡V

Control of variables


TemperatureI have chosen to vary this factor using an electronic water bath in my experiment.

ConcentrationI will use the substrate from the same bottle without dilution. I will take my cuttings of potato from the same region.

Surface AreaI will use the same cork borer and cut all of the potato to the...