Experiment to observe how one responds to change in vision

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The purpose of this experiment was to observe how one responds to change in vision. A group of 59 students were made to sort a deck of playing cards based on their color, suit and number (since the data for 3 students is missing we will consider the data of only of 56 students). Every student was timed and was encouraged to try and complete the experiment as promptly as possible. The number of errors that each student made was noted down; if a student sorted even one of the cards incorrectly then he was made to repeat the entire experiment and it was counted as one error. There were two dependent variables, time and error which were considered and the two independent variables that time and error depended on were standard and low vision cards (I think that I should mention here that low vision cards were different from ordinary cards based on their color.

Low vision cards were a lot more colorful than the standard cards, which made them low vision).

The experiment was performed in very favorable conditions good light, correct posture and great surroundings. The apparatus that was used was as mentioned above, two decks of cards, standard and low vision, a watch to keep a track of the time that was taken by each individual.

The results of this experiment were very different from what I had expected. I had expected that there would be a significant difference between the time that was taken in sorting standard and low vision cards based on color, suit and number and also the time that was taken in sorting low vision cards would be a lot greater than that taken to sort standard cards. Rather the time taken in sorting out standard and low vision cards was nearly...