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Obedience Introduction: Why do kids disobey? Many people wonder why kids disobey but there aren't enough studies to prove why kids disobey. Obedience has become a serious problem in out society today, there are more rebellious teenagers and children that do not obey their parents or those who watch over them.

My theory is that certain kinds of music can affect the children differently primarily the rock music will affect the kids more negatively than the other kinds of music. The human behavior specifically in children is a much-studied subject hopefully this study will help and give more understanding in the subject of child behavior. If my hypothesis is proven true than many behavioral problems would be solved and the parents or caregiver would know what the problem is. Many children disobey and when they do the parent or caregiver usually dismisses the behavior. When the behavior is dismissed the behavior will continue and it will only begin to escalate to a greater magnitude.

The kids turn to teenagers and they disobeying turns into rebellion, which is extremely bad.

Methods: For the experiment sixty, fifth grade students were selected at random with no selection bias. There are three groups of twenty: group A, group B, and group C. Group A listened to rock music for one hour. Group B listened to easy listening for one hour. Group C listened to no music for one hour. After the hour of the listening to music each of the children was placed in a room that had a table and on the table was a bowl that contained marshmallows. The children were instructed not to eat the marshmallows. The children were observed from a see- thru mirror in the room and an unbiased person counted the number of marshmallows they ate. In order...