Expert Systems

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Abstract: The computerized knowledge based Expert System performs the function of an expert

advisor. Several applications of expert system have given rise to useful database management

systems, which helps to obtain relevant information. Expert systems contains knowledge about any

specialized area which enables a user to formulate such profiles and obtain relevant information by

using an interface engine.

This article discusses the architecture, tools, advantages, limitations and areas of

application of expert system. It also points out the implications of expert system on Library and

Information Science.

The term "expert system" conjures up an image of a tireless robot-like device with vast

expertise-a mechanical mind that could replace our best minds and perform the same tasks more

rapidly, accurately and for less cost than its human counterparts1.

Expert Systems are knowledge based computerized system which play a role of intelligent

interface or gateway for providing access to databases and to obtain relevant information.


system contain knowledge about any specialized area which enables the specialists to formulate search

profiles and relevant solutions for various problems. According to Encyclopedia of Library and

information science-

"Expert Systems-

· use specialized knowledge about a particular problem area rather than just general purpose

knowledge that would apply to all problems.

· use symbolic reasoning rather than just numerical calculations.

· perform at a level of competence that is better than that of non-expert humans"2.

"Expert systems are computer programs composed of knowledge base that contains the information

supplied by the expert and an inference engine that applies the appropriate information from knowledge

base to a specific problem"3.An expert system would be able to capture the knowledge of those identified

as experts at doing functional assessments and make that expertise available to many other professionals,

both for training and for assistance with...