Expert systems are essential in today's society

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Expert Systems Essential!

An Expert system is software that can solve a narrowly defined set of problems using information and reasoning techniques normally associated with a human expert. Expert systems have the ability to perform at or near the level of a human expert in a particular field of study, hence the name 'Expert Systems'

The government should spend money on expert systems, for research and production, as expert systems can be a large assert in many industries. In the medical industry expert systems can be used as a strong assisting tool for surgeons and doctors (amongst many other areas of study); defining diseases and treatment and even operation procedures.

Expert systems have large advantages over human experts; they have positive virtues such as always performing at the best of their ability and also performing consistently. Expert systems are presented in an electronic form and are accurate, reliable, and can be even more knowledgeable than human expert.

Expert systems provide a new and innovative way to discover and learn new information from an expert.

Advantages of Expert systems

The expertise becomes available on any suitable computer hardware, thus the system distributes expertise more widely, and the cost associated with hiring a human's expertise is substantially larger than the cost of a Software Expert system. Expert systems have the ability to work in dangerous situations which would otherwise be impractical for human experts. This also means that Expert systems are permanent, they never pass away and their knowledge can include the expertise of several human experts.

Expert systems provide reassurance, confidence and reliability that the correct decision has been reached without the other variability of humans, the decision that has been concluded is final.

The speed at which expert systems can derive at a conclusion...