The Expiration of the Feminist Necessity.

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The Expiration of the Feminist Necessity

Feminism started as a movement for women's equality to men in all aspects of existence with the exception of inherent physiological and physical differences. The movement over time has created quite a stir and made some overwhelming changes in the ways that women are viewed when compared to men, with regard to purpose and ability. However, feminism is no longer necessary to fulfill the purpose for which it was intended, and is in many ways a hindrance to society's normal function, claiming to ensure that women's rights are upheld. It has become obsolete over time and has become a beacon for purposes completely unrelated to the causes for which it was initially established. To date, it provides women with an oppressor to blame when they are unhappy with the decisions that they have made. Although feminists today and fifty years ago will say that they were influenced and subjugated into their positions as wife/mother/housekeeper, they will downplay or even fail to mention the fact that they made their decisions, even while they had alternatives.

Feminism depreciates the position in the home as wife/mother/housekeeper, arguing that a woman's place is not in the home and insulting existing housewives while teaching young women that the position is undesirable and a harness they are subjected to by a male dominated society. The issues to be addressed by established organizations, specifically the National Organization for Women, were education and counseling, home and community services, women in employment, labor standards, security of basic income, women under the law, and women as citizens.1 According to Kim Gandy, president of the National Organization for Women, cites "reproductive freedom, ending racism, lesbian rights, economic justice, constitutional equality and ending violence against women"2 as NOW's core issues. Merriam Webster's Collegiate Dictionary defines...