Explain how and why Ickworth House, including the park and gardens, has changed since the building of the house started in 1795.

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In this essay I will be aiming to answer the question "How and why has Ickworth house, its house and gardens changed since the building of the house started in 1795", I will be using many sources including my own knowledge and research from the house.

In 1795 building of Ickworth House began, at this time, Frederick Augustus Hervey, 4th Earl of Bristol (AKA The Earl Bishop) owned Ickworth House. The Earl Bishop had big ideas for Ickworth house, he planned to build a 105ft high rotunda for the family to live in, with 2 curved corridors leading to 2 wings which The Earl Bishop planned to display his great collection of European art in.

The Earl Bishop had a model made of how he wanted Ickworth built. Unfortunately in 1803 The Earl Bishop died, at this point the rotunda was completed but the east and west wings were still being built.

In 1821, The Earl Bishop's son, Frederick William Hervey (5th Earl of Bristol), took over the building of Ickworth House. The 5th Earl of Bristol thought that his fathers ideas were impractical and even considered pulling the rotunda down at one point! But instead he changed his father's original idea and decided that the family were going to live in the east wing and use the rotunda for state rooms and displaying the 4th Earl's art collections (the west wing was left unfinished at this point).

If you compare the model that the 4th Earl had made and the finished building, it is equivalent to looking at both the Earls' contrasting ideas. For example, the real building has chimneys on the east wing whereas the model doesn't; the function of the room changed (from displaying art to housing the family) so there needed to be practical...