Explain how director Andrew Niccol offers viewers a warning about tampering with nature through his film 'Gattaca'

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The film Gattaca, which was directed by Andrew Niccol gives viewers a warning about tampering with nature. The director shows some of the things that can happen in a society that's based around perfection. A warning is given about the discrimination that results from trying to create an 'elite' race of people. The film also deals with the issue of determination, and its separation from genetics. Finally, it shows the detrimental pressure that is placed on the superior people, as well as the assumption that a person would not be capable of doing anything bad if it was not in their genetic profile.

The film Gattaca gives a warning about the discrimination that results from 'tampering with nature'. In the film, 'invalids' who haven't been genetically modified are presumed to be weak and incapable. It is similar to the racism showed in today's society, and is in some ways worse because there is almost no opportunity to prove yourself.

In the film, when Vincent, as Jerome, applies for a job at Gattaca, he goes expecting an interview but all he has to have is a DNA test for him to be accepted. This creates an elitist attitude and even 'valid' people cannot do all that they may want to. Irene is a valid, but she is still not as perfect as other valids so she doesn't have a full range of opportunities available. As she puts it in the film: '...an acceptable likelihood of heart failure. The only trip I'll be taking is around the sun on this satellite.'

Gattaca warns that the concept of relying entirely on genetics to make judgements about people results in overlooking important issues that cannot be determined by genetics. Personal strength is ignored as a factor in the possible success of a...