Explain the Importance of groups. Elaborate on the significance and the influence of the informal groups in an Organization?

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Organization it self is defined as group of people coming together to achieve common objectives. A group is not just a collection of people. It is considered as a set of two and more interacting individuals to achieve certain goals and meet certain needs. These groups work in a systematic manner (Structure, hierarchy) and use the resources of the organization to attain their goals.

The importance of the group can be elaborated under the following points:

· Focus on achieving common objectives

Whatever type of group is formed their main aim would be to achieve their common objectives. Each individual in the group puts in his own expertise, knowledge for the attainment of the group objectives this means pooling in of lot of ideas and this helps in simplifying the procedure of performing the task which intern will lead to achieving the objectives on time and efficiently.

· Teamwork

In today's fast moving world it has become imperative to work as a team to attain common objectives.

Teamwork leads to sharing information, the team members bring different perspectives, ideas, experiences and greater knowledge, helping each other with task assigned and ultimately reaching the goals set by the organization and the team itself. Working as team also helps one to develop his/her personality and gives the confidence to perform the task meticulously. It also encourages people to increase their output. It is at times also helpful to resolve the conflicts that might arise during the work.

· Leadership made easier

Each an every group or team will have a leader or a manger which will give guidance, direct and explain the tasks to be achieved. For him it becomes easier in a group to explain things rather then explaining it to each and every individual separately. The group leader and other...