Explain how the league of nations was formed in 1919 and what its aims were.

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A belief in an international organization to keep peace had sprung up in all the major countries involved in World War I. When the Allies met at Versailles, they agreed on setting up the League of Nations.

The League of Nations was governed by its Covenant, a constitution that was written into the peace treaties. It comprised of a number of different bodies. In other word, the League of Nations was like a state, with cabinet (the council), a parliament (the Assembly), a civil servant (the Secretariat), and ministries (the organizations). However, it was a weak state with many problems.

Its aims were to provide a way settling international disputes other than war and to offer all countries support against attack. It was also to reduce and to control world armaments. The League of Nations was to ensure all international treaties were registered and their contents known. Its aims were also to encourage social and economic co-operation throughout the world and to supervise the former German colonies.