Explain the nature and purpose of the Hitler Youth Movement

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The Hitler Youth movement was set up to fulfil the following aimsTo create a future armyTo create a loyal German YouthTo teach about Nazi ideals/historyFirstly I am going to examine whether the Hitler Youth movement was able to achieve these aim, and if so, how. I will look at the activities that the Hitler Youth had to do and see how the activities connected to the aims. The nature of the movement was to influence and control the German Youth. I will look at whether this was achieved too.

The first aim of the Hitler Youth was ‘To create a future army’. Hitler wanted to create an army because this would allow him to assemble the army quickly and effectively if he ever felt the need. Hitler knew that if he trained the youth of Germany to be physically fit, able to use a gun, strong, and comfortable with being outdoors, then he would not need to spend valuable time training them if war ever arose.

The Hitler Youth did a variety of activities which helped them ‘to be a future army’, they did athletics and running, plus other sports which helped them to be strong and fit. They did physical training and military games. They learnt how to use guns, and joined the Hitler Youth Rifle School which also taught them to maintain the guns too. They practiced carrying the dead bodies of their comrades during battle and they made models of fighter planes. These activities were designed to help them during war and make the thought of war and patriotism exciting and appealing to them.

The second aim was ‘to create a loyal German Youth’. Hitler was aware that if he could encourage the Hitler Youth to spy on their parents, and convince the youth to inform the...