"Explain the nature of Australia's involvement in the Vietnam War"

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Australia's played a small but vital role in the Vietnam War to counter-act the domino theory of the 1950's and 60's. Australia's involvement led to the establishment of a strong inter-continental relationship with the United States of America, which can be seen today with the involvement in conflicts with Iraq and terrorism. Australia's involvement created political turmoil within the Australian Government but in the final decision to assist America we won our reputation as Australian heroes. Australia's involvement in the Vietnam War led to be a critical decision for all Australian's, politically, internally and internationally.

At the public announcement of Australia's participation in the Vietnam War in April 1965 by Prime Minister Menzies it was the first time Australia would go into War without its mother country Britain. This decision would change Australia's history and jeopardize ties with the Australian people and the world. Australia's commitment to the war was initially very strong, however once conscription was brought in and the conscripted body bags brought home, the support was lost and it soon became very unpopular with many people.

It was the only war that didn't have total support from Australia's people. The war divided all Australian's; just over half of the Australians people believed in the intervention of conflicts in Vietnam; however strong opposition could be found for those against it and later saw the establishment of many antiwar movements.

The momentum of antiwar movements began to gather during the middle of the War. There was strong opposition to all aspects of the war, especially with the re-introduction of conscription to all twenty year olds, which was brought in again before the war was even announced. A "Don't Register" campaign was set up to dissuade young men from registering for conscription. This campaign became increasingly popular and escalated...