Explain the process of motivation?

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There are many ways in which to motivate a employee in the work place. Motivation means getting the employee to focus and put his/her efforts all into the work they do. It sets the employee in the same direction as management and gets everyone working for the business goals. Our motivation is what derives us to achieve success in all aspects of our lives. Motivation is an internal state that arouses directs and maintains behaviour.

In today's large corporation world motivation plays an important role in boasting a persons morale, efficiency and increase in his/her productivity.

The work motivation theories are categorized into two they are content theory i.e. what motivates us? And process theories i.e. how we become motivated.

I will begin first by explaining the process theories and then reviewing some traditional process theories of work motivation.

Process Theories

Process theories attempt to explain the thought processes concerning the 'why' and 'how' people choose one action over another and get motivated.

Following are some of the process theories of work motivation

Traditional Process Theories of Work Motivation.

Expectancy Theory

The basic premise of Victor Vroom's Expectancy theory is that motivation is based on the strength with which individuals want something and how likely individuals think they will get it. Wood refers to expectancy theory as the argument "that work motivation is determined by individual beliefs about effort-performance relationships and the desirability's of various work outcomes from different performance levels".

The framework of expectancy theory states that motivation to behave or perform depends on the following variables:

Expectancy refers to the effort-performance relationship - It represents the strength of one's belief that the effort put into a task will result in a similar level of performance outcome. Expectancy is equal to one if an individual is certain that...