Explain the Processes to be met in Achieving ISO 9001 Certification

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Explain the stage to be met in the process of achieving ISO 9001Initially for Click on Tools to Obtain ISO 9001 Certification the first step they would take would be to have an external audit. This would then allow the company to see how far away they are at the start from achieving the standards required for ISO 9001 registration which include detailed procedures, a quality policy, regular management reviews, defect and complaint reports, training requirements, a quality manual, written procedures to prevent re-occurring problems, documented training requirements, equipment calibration procedures and a quality system audit procedure.

A plan of action would then be set up by the management team or steering team who would lead the way in implementing the actions required to achieve registration in accordance with ISO 9001 Section 5.1 which notes that top management shall demonstrate their commitment to developing and improving their quality system.

It is essential that all the members of this steering team have completely bought into and are fully committed to the strategy that is put in place before it is passed on to the rest of the work force, as they will be required to enforce any changes that have to be made to the systems that are already in place before the new systems are implemented. In setting up this plan the steering team would be creating a quality policy or 'mission statement' which as stated in ISO 9001 Section 5.3 is appropriate to the organisation and will cover the objectives which will determine what is required of the company for them to reach the desired product quality expected of them by their customers. This is essential so that all members of the team know exactly what is required of them and so that the ideas are being communicated...