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C) Study sources D and E. these two sources are not about Haig and the battle of the Somme. How far do you agree that they have no use for the historian studying Haig and the battle of the Somme?

Source D, is a still from the T.V. series black adder goes forth, a comical program, stereotyping characters from history. In this particular scene, two privates are talking about going over the top with one asking if "the moment has finally arrived to give Harry Hun a darn good British style thrashing." To which the other replies "you mean, 'are we going to get killed?' yes. Clearly field marshal Haig is about to make yet another giant effort to move his drinks cabinet closer to Berlin." This mention of Haig suggests to us that it is about Haig. Although there are no figures or facts to give us any knowledge of what actually happened during the war, it gives us an insight to what people think of the war today and how the battle has been remembered.

Source E is similar in the absence of statements telling us what the battle its self was like yet also is relevant in showing how people felt at the time. This is a cartoon from a British magazine published in 1917. On this a major general asks his men at a practice attack what "three essential differences" "between the rehearsal and the real thing." He states the first is "the absence of the enemy." He then asks the sergeant major what the second is. The sergeant major then replies "the absence of the general sir." This is demonstrating the view of many army leaderships. The general was often not at the front line in the battle, and many were disrespected for this. We...