Explain how technology contributed to change in the everyday life of Australians in the 1950's

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History Essay

Explain how technology contributed to change in the everyday life of Australians in the 1950s.

The 1950's was an incredible decade, with major technological advances that impacted nu- merous aspects of everyday life for Australians. The advances in transport not only assisted with faster and easier travel, but they allowed people to go further. In addition, cars were a much sought after status symbol of wealth, class and stability for individuals during the peri- od of reconstruction. The urban surroundings in suburbs were altered significantly due to the new lifestyle featuring cars and the progressions that occurred were viewed as symbolic of the post-war amalgamation of Australia and America. Faster imports and exports were one of the major impacts that improved foreign trade.

The primary advancements in Australian transport that impacted people in the 1950's includ- ed the unification of train tracks, introduction of the first motor car made in Australia and vast improvements in air travel. Development in technology was at its peak during the period, giv- ing people more options in the aspect of travel.

Jet airplanes had become increasingly popular by the late 1950's. Source B shows the first Australian airline built from the ground up. Qantas was an airline of jet aircrafts that were faster, safer and had the capacity to carry more passengers. As air travel became more con- ventional, the price of plane tickets decreased which enabled more people to take up the op- portunity thus contributing greatly to the impact of technology on everyday life for Aus- tralians during the 1950's.

Australians developed a strong reliance on the car as soon as it became available considering it offered an unshackled lifestyle with the freedom to travel further. This impacted peoples lives since they were able to move inland and travel...