Explain why there were such different reactions in the USA to the country's involvement in the conflict in Vietnam in the 1960's

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The war in Vietnam came to dominate politics in USA in the 1960's because students, hippies and black people were amongst some of the people who protested about going to war. There was much different reaction from people, some supported the war all way through, some against all way and some started for the war then turned against. At the start 64% of people wanted to go to war. By the end of the 1960's Vietnam came the most dominating problem the USA. We know this because source E tells us. The USA had increasingly involved in Vietnam since the early 1960's.

Kennedy was a young, handsome, catholic president. He addressed the nation with the speech "Its not what can your country do for you its what can you do for your country." From A Rumor of War, written by Philip Caputoin in 1977 he said "War was always attractive to young men who knew nothing about it" This made a lot of young men want to experience war.

They sent troops in to stop Vietnam becoming communist. Once one country fell to communism the Americans thought others would fall too. Also the Truman doctrine stated that any country under threat of communism was to be help rebel the threat. America was confident being a superpower and Vietnam only being a 3rd world country. The USA was full of money and had the hi-tec equipment also. The USA had never lost a war and just rebelled the communist threat in Korea. This gave the troops and citizens of America confidence.

This caused an uproar as students started protesting about it. They went on marches around town and on campuses. The students also protested outside the pentagon. At Kent University, May 1970, the protest turned wild as the National Guard shot...