Explaining the Mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle.

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Travel to the Triangle

"Control tower, this is an emergency," the worried voice said. "We seem to be off course. We cannot see land...repeat...we cannot see land." What's your position?" the tower asked. "We're not sure of our position," replied the patrol leader. "We can't be sure where we are. We seem to be lost." "How could that be?" the tower operators asked each other. Flight conditions were ideal. "Head due west," came orders from the tower. There was a long silence. Then the patrol leader came in, alarm evident in his voice. "We don't know which way is west. Everything is wrong...strange...we cannot be sure of any direction. Even the ocean doesn't look as it should!" Though the sky was clear, and the sun was near the horizon in the west, the pilots were baffled, as if they could not see the sun at all. "We're not certain where we are," the flight leader continued.

"We must be about 225 miles northeast of base...it looks like we are..."


How is it possible that five navy torpedo bombers on a routine flight become so utterly confused and just disappeared? Nothing was ever resolved in the mysterious case of flight nineteen, only that it happened in the Bermuda Triangle. This quadrant of the world extending from Miami to Bermuda to Puerto Rico claims the average of four aircraft and twenty yachts each year. The numbers are staggering and it is obvious that something strange is happening here. While there are many theories including Aliens, UFO's, and giant squid, some are a bit more logical. The Bermuda Triangle, in fact, can be explained logically in many different ways.

Though stories of the Bermuda Triangle seem to have anything but a logical explanation, one that is evident is the theory...