Explains the controversial issues of Gay Marriage. Information is from the websites of Center of California Families (CCF), Marriage Equality of California (MECA), and CNN.com

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Gay marriage is a contemporary issue that stirs up controversial interest. Recently it has become a big issue with many Americans. Many are persuading the courts to make laws for and against same-sex marriage. Those who are for gay marriage say that laws against gay marriage are unequal and morally wrong. They compare it to the time when African Americans were not equal Caucasians. Those against gay marriage argue that same-sex marriage is a robbery of traditional marriage. President Bush had once said, "Our nation must defend the sanctity of marriage." This issue may change traditional marriage customs in America and even internationally. Though the most popular candidates for President are not for gay marriage, they will let the states decide for themselves.

According to the Marriage Equality California (MECA) website, "Civil marriage is a basic and fundamental right as well as a private and public commitment of love and support by adult couples."

They claim that laws against same-sex marriages are a violation of human rights. The attitude is that homosexual or not, they are still human beings and should be treated fairly like any other being. Many young adults feel that love is love, and anyone who is in love should be allowed to marry.

The Campaign for California Families (CCF), however, has a quite different point of view. They feel that allowing same-sex marriages to occur is a violation of traditional marriage. A real family is one with a true mother and father instead of two mothers and two fathers. Children being exposed to this kind of environment are in danger of living a normal life. The CCF says they are pro-family, and are also against sex education in schools. Their website urges parents to take action against such atrocities saying Mark Leno's gay-marriage bill is a...