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Christmas Shoes

Anytime Jesus helps the needy it resembles how we should act. In the song "Christmas Shoes" by Newsong, it shows how a man who thought of Christmas as a present buying time and all that mattered was what you had, turns into a good Samaritan. The gospel passage that best relates to the song is Luke 10: 30-37. This passage relates because they both show how helping another feels and the reaction of the person being helped.

They contrast because both show great respect for others that are different or are badly respected. In "Christmas Shoes" it says, "His clothes were worn and old, he was dirty from head to toe" this shows that people are very judge mental and he thought differently of the boy because he was not 'clean'. In Luke 10: 30-37 the man is not clean because he didn't look normal.

This is because he had just been beaten by robbers, yet people couldn't understand why he was so disoriented and then leaving him there as if he were a stray animal.

People should never be treated this way and by the caring and generosity of these two men (in the separate stories) show that it is helpful to create each other equally. With that, this is an example of good news because it is showing how to think differently about stereotypical people. In Luke:10 passage shows how two people just walked by ignoring the injured stranger because he looked diseased then a very kind man comes and helps him. The "Good Samaritan" shows just how great he really is and helps him out by bandaging up the wounds and using oil to cleanse them. In "Christmas Shoes" the man comes into the store hoping to run in and...