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Interpersonal Communication is the process through which people create and manage their relationships, exercising mutual responsibility in creating meaning. Communication can however be broken down by several means. The factors which may lead to a breakdown of communication may include the type of body language used, the inability to meet the face needs of the other party, or maybe just a simple misunderstanding of the actual intended meaning during the conversation. In the following analysis, many of the factors that lead to the breakdown of communication were involved.


Over the past six years I have been dating Kevin, who happens to be my fiancé now. I have introduced him to both my parents and other members of my family. We all have an excellent relationship, and Kevin is quite comfortable with the structure of my family. My father and mother both adore him, and in my eyes they get along quite well.

The strange thing happened however, when I told my parents I was planning to get married some time pretty soon. They both flipped. Their reactions were quite the opposite from what I had expected.


The following conversation took place in the privacy of my home with my father. It was raining heavily outside, and most certainly this changed my usual happy mood to quite a gloomy and somber one.

Dad: Renee I don't think you are ready to be married yet. You are still, and always will be my baby, and you should not be thinking about such things right now.

Me: Daddy I understand what you are trying to say, but what about...

Dad: Renee, I don't think you fully understand what you are getting into. You are too young for this type of commitment.

Me: What! Who the hell are you to...