Explanation of Shakespeare's Sonnet 18

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When people think of summer, most of the time they would automatically think of great qualities such as sunshine, birds chirping, green grass, or just the beauty of nature at its best. Most people would even say that summer is the best quality to describe a beautiful person. Then again, most people are not Shakespeare. Even though summer may be all glamorous and beautiful but they never last long. Shakespeare writes in his sonnet 18 about how he cannot compare his beautiful subject to summer because the beauty he expresses cannot fade as the season does. As long as people continue to read his poetic verses about the pulchritudinous one, he or she will last forever. Not literally but rather through our hearts and mind bound with the thoughts of Shakespeare's works for years and years to come.

The same idea is known or rather put into use today.

As Shakespeare seeks to immortalize or preserve the beauty he expresses for someone, people today do the same through technology. Parents for one example who have kids would considered them precious and beautiful to them. They raise them, guide them, and teach them through life, and the parents never forget the image of their innocence even when they mature. They would most likely still see that 12 year old child in that 21 year old today. In most cases parents want to preserve such precious moments or memories with photographs, diaries, or even videos. To even after death, people will know still remember them by looking at various events or images of that person. We still see it today with famous celebrities or historical figures from thousands of years ago most particularly through written literature.

When it comes down to it, Shakespeare looked at beauty through another vision. A...