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For this paper, I chose an article out of the Journal of Research in Childhood Education titled "Young Children's Perceptions of Time Out." The research examines how children responded to time out on an individual basis. An observational methodology was used. The research in this case was an exploratory study.

In this research project, participants included forty-two children. Twenty-three of them were boys, nineteen were girls, and there were all within the two to four-year-old age group. The children came from eleven different childcare centers in Florida, which used the time out practice in their centers. The observation environments were in both indoor and outdoor settings, and the children studied were of many different ethnic backgrounds.

After receiving parental permission, the observations began at the childcare centers. Trained students enrolled in a child study program at a local college did the study. The children were observed over a thirty-day period.

The researchers took down their observations which included the problem that caused the time out, the location of it, how the child behaved during his or her time out, and the duration of it. When the child was released from time out, the researchers would approach the child and invite them to talk about what had happened. If the child did not want to speak with them, their name was deleted from the research project. The children placed in time out that participated were asked a series of questions about school and their feelings about their teachers, their friends, and time out.

Most children said they felt alone, disliked by their teacher, and ignored by their friends, yet they felt safe. The children that were in time out understood that they had to be completely quiet and behave appropriately during their punishment. Most children responded to disliking time...