Explians the difference in taking a plea bargin or going to trial by jury.

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Trial by Jury verses Accepting a Plea

In the United States of America there are three conditions that need to be meet in order to for prosecution to decide if they are going to charge an offender with a crime and then prosecute them in court. These three conditions are as follows: they find that a crime has been committed; a perpetrator can be identified; and that there is sufficient evidence to support a guilty verdict. There are two ways to settle a criminal case, ether through a trial by jury or by the defendant accepting a plea-bargain.

A trial by jury is an American tradition, and a fundamental American right. Most of us have never really tried to understand why that right was written into our Constitution, yet this is one of the most precious freedoms that Americans possess. A trial by jury is primarily used of the following reasons: to protect citizens against arbitrary law enforcement; to prevent government oppression; and to protect citizens from overzealous or corrupt prosecutors and from eccentric or biased judges.

As you can see a trial by jury is a very important freedom to have, without it your guilt or innocence would rest in the hands of a political official.

There are many benefits to having a trial by jury opposed to accepting a plea-bargain. If you are innocence having a trial by jury could prove your innocence, clear your name, and keep you out of jail. A trial by jury gives the defendant a chance to tell their side of the story. This is especially important if they are innocent, then they would want the jury to hear their side of the story to prove their innocence. Also the jury may disagree with the prosecutions case, and side with the defense and...